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Contact Our Joint Chairmen:

Colin Bower Tel: 01425 613254

Bob Dowling Tel: 01425 838523

At 2pm on the second Tuesday of each month, our small, friendly group of men and women meet in the Community Centre to discuss topics in the news.

Our February Meeting

At our FEBRUARY meeting, as well as the topical issues of the fate of the captured jihadists by US forces, and whether or not the suffragettes should be pardoned 100 years after their crimes, we discussed how we can cut back on the use of plastic in order to protect our oceans, the issue of begging in town centres and how the NHS can be urgently funded.

As a trial run, we have published the Group's collective answers to some of our questions, to give examples of what we come up with:

Our Next Meeting - Tuesday 13 March 2018 at 2 p.m.

At our next meeting, we will be discussing:

  1. Is it time to start charging more for local public services rather than cutting them?

  2. We appear to be losing the so-called war on drugs. Is it time to take a different approach and decriminalise the use of drugs?

  3. In Portsmouth it was suggested that convalescent homes be established to ease pressure on hospital beds and A & E. Is this a glimpse of the blindingly obvious?

  4. What is the case for renationalising the railways?

If you have views on these topics and/or you would like to hear what others have to say, we would love to see you.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of us if you would like any further information:

Joint Chairmen:
Bob Dowling 01425 838523
Colin Bower 01425 613254

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