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Contact Our Joint Chairmen:

Colin Bower Tel: 01425 613254

Bob Dowling Tel: 01425 838523

We are a small friendly group which meets at the Community Centre on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, to discuss current affairs.

At our OCTOBER meeting, as well as the topical issues of North Korea and US gun laws, we discussed BBC presenters and entertainers' 'tax payer' funded salaries, the crackdown on gender stereotyping in advertising, steps that could be taken to prevent illegal voting and Britain's foreign aid budget.

Next meeting Tuesday 14 November 2017 at 2 p.m.

  1. Should foster carers be granted the same workers' rights as employed people?
  2. Will the ban on all petrol and diesel engines from our roads from 2040 work, what are the positive and negative implications and do the disadvantages of electric cars outweigh the advantages?
  3. Should MPs accept, or be allowed to accept 'freebies', regardless of whether or not they are registered in the 'register of interests'?
  4. Is it ever ethical to kill animals or birds for sport?

For more information about the Discussion Group please contact:

Joint Chairmen:
Bob Dowling 01425 838523
Colin Bower 01425 613254

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