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Contact: Maggie Salamé - Tel: 01425 614714

This course recognises that it must deal with students having different ages, different aims and varying degrees of knowledge and of spare time.


A new, weekly, hour-long Italian Beginners' class is starting here on Friday 3rd November at 2pm. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Maggie on 01425-614714 for further details.

We have chosen a text book which can be used by all categories of student. Those students prepared to read chapters already dealt with by the present class can, by working at home, quickly become active participants in class conversation. They get friendly help from existing class members who also benefit from this interaction as it acts as a form of revision for them. The atmosphere is one of relaxed enjoyment rather than the meeting of high examination marks.

Fees for the course vary with the number of students. Currently it is £12 per annum which is reduced for students entering after the first quarter of the year.

Italian Classes are on Tuesday, Thursdays and Friday the Community Centre.

Italian Class
Italian Class

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