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The Jubilee Singers

Musical Director - Janet Trow
Accompanist - Richard Dingle

Contact: Secretary - Ann Jones

On stage

"Singing is good for you" is what they say and we, in the Jubilee Choir are proof of this. We are a fun choir in that we enjoy every note we sing - well - almost every note, sometimes we go a bit off key but that doesn't matter at all, its all part of the fun. You don't have to read music either although this would be useful, and you don't have to have an audition. We practice on a Wednesday afternoon at the Community Centre from 2-4 pm so you don't have to come out on cold dark nights.

As you might know we perform 2 concerts a year. Our Summer Concert 2016 was held in the Jubilee Room here at the Community Centre on Saturday 21st May and Saturday 28th May at 2:00 pm. Our Christmas 2016 Concert will once again be held at the Memorial Hall on 4th December. We had to change venues because the choir concerts got too big for the Jubilee Room which meant we could only have 62 in the audience and 180 people wanted tickets!!!

The Jubilee Singers were one of the first sections at the Community Centre and this year we are 48 years old. Our Musical Director, Janet Trow, has been with the choir for over 20 years and has been Musical Director for 10 of those.

Apart from our concerts we also sing in Residential Homes, Care Homes and WI meetings. We have even sung in Welsh for the Welsh Society, but don't let that put you off, it was made easy for us and it was well appreciated by them. We don't travel too far. Bournemouth is the furthest to the West and Brockenhurst to the East with anything in between. If you don't drive, that's OK as well because a lift can always be arranged.

At the moment we have 38 people in the choir, so we are quite full, but there is always room for a few more, especially men, so if you feel this is something you would enjoy then please come along and give it a try, you would be made most welcome. There is an annual fee of £60.00. Our uniform is subsidised as well. To be a member of the choir, you must also be a member of the Community Association and this is £8.00 per year.

Does that sound too good to be true - well come and join us and find out for yourself.

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