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Poetry Appreciation

Contact: Shirley Burke Tel: 01425 628992 email

The Poetry Group meets from 10.30 – 12p.m. on the third Thursday in every month except December. Suggestions are made for topics at the November meeting and then eleven are agreed upon by members.

The meetings are very different from most people's memories of school poetry lessons. We meet to enjoy poetry and share our favourites, not to analyse and make critiques of them. Some poets make regular appearances; for example Pam Ayres, Wordsworth, Keats and John Betjeman but many are less well known or lived centuries ago.

Most people come with poems to read and some prefer to listen as others read their choices. It is a small group but new members are always made very welcome.

Poetry Books

Our yearly membership fee is £3 and we pay £1 each meeting we attend.

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