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New Milton & District Community Association New Milton & District Community Association

What's On

Film Show

The Next Film for members and their guests of the Association is at:-

2 PM for 2:30 PM start
Sunday, 20th January 2019.

Dark River Poster

Dark River
Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Staring Ruth Wilson, Mark Stanley, Sean Bean
Following the death of her father, Alice (Ruth Wilson) returns to her home village for the first time in 15 years, to claim the tenancy to the family farm she believes is rightfully hers.
Not Rated, Running time 1h 30min

Valentine Dance

7:30 PM Tuesday 12th February 2019

Tickets £2.50 members (£3.00 non-membrs)

Come Dancing Section

Andre Bidmead: 01425 291519 or Mobile: 07503 156826

Valentine Dance

7:30 - 10:30 PM Thursday 14th February 2019

Jubilee Ballroom

Tickets £3.00 to include Coffee/tea and raffle.

Tickets from 01202 980177 or Community Centre Reception

Cake Day

Friday 15th February 2019
10:00 to 11:30 a.m

Cake day banner

An invitation to join us to see what is on offer at the Centre for you and your family.
Cup of Tea/Coffee & Cake for just £1

Milton Macular Support Group

This affiliate group, who support those with sight problems in New Milton, is in need of some more volunteers the details are on their page,
please click HERE.

2019 Centre Brochure Available

View or download the PDF file of the 2019 Brochure

Click the cover picture to view all the pages in the Brochure on a web page.

New Milton Community Centre

Ask at reception for a printed copy.

Regular Events

Below are the events that are regularly scheduled to take place in the Community Centre, but the information is NOT taken from the live booking system.

Please contact the reception desk on 01425 610495 or the section directly, to get the latest information.

DayTimeJanuary2019Section /Activities
Sun2:30 PM20.Jan.Film Show
Mon9:55 AM7,14,21,28.Jan.French Intermediate
Mon10:00 AM7,14,21,28.Jan.Monopoly
Mon10:00 AM7,14,21,28.Jan.Spanish Conversation
Mon10:45 AM7,14,21,28.Jan.Piano
Mon11:15 AM7,14,21,28.Jan.Spanish Beginners
Mon12:00 PM7,14,21,28.Jan.French Improvers
Mon1:30 PM7,14,21,28.Jan.Bridge Chicago
Mon1:30 PM7,14,21,28.Jan.Scrabble
Mon2:00 PM7,14,21,28.Jan.Ballroom Dancing
Mon2:00 PM7,14,21,28.Jan.Darts
Mon6:30 PM7,14,21,28.Jan.Bowling
Mon7:00 PM7,14,21,28.Jan.Table Tennis
Tue9:45 AM8,15,22,29.Jan.Bowling
Tue10:00 AM8,15,22,29.Jan.German Intermediate
Tue10:00 AM8,15,22,29.Jan.Table Tennis
Tue11:30 AM8,15,22,29.Jan.German Improvers
Tue1:30 PM8,15,22,29.Jan.Bridge Cut in
Tue1:30 PM8,15,22,29.Jan.Jigsaws
Tue2:00 PM8,15,22,29.Jan.Darts
Tue2:00 PM8.Jan.Discussion Group
Tue2:00 PM8,15,22,29.Jan.Cribbage
Tue7:30 PM8,15,22,29.Jan.Come Dancing
Wed9:45 AM2,9,16,23,30.Jan.Bowling
Wed10:00 AM9,23.Jan.Craft
Wed10:00 AM9,23.Jan.Rummikub
Wed1:30 PM2,9,16,23,30.Jan.Bridge Duplicate
Wed1:30 PM2,9,16,23,30.Jan.Bridge Partner
Wed2:00 PM9,16,23,30.Jan.Art
Wed2:00 PM9,16,23,30.Jan.Choir
Wed2:00 PM9,16,23,30.Jan.Literature Group
Wed7:00 PM-----Jan.Beading
Wed7:00 PM2,9,16,23,30.Jan.Table Tennis
Thu9:45 AM10,17,24,31.Jan.Beading
Thu9:45 AM3,10,17,24,31.Jan.Bowling
Thu10:00 AM10.Jan.Mens Get Together
Thu10:30 AM17.Jan.Poetry
Thu11:30 AM3,10,17,24,31.Jan.Italian - Manuela
Thu12:00 PM17.Jan.Luncheon Club
Thu1:30 PM3,10,17,24,31.Jan.Bridge Practice
Thu1:30 PM3,10,17,24,31.Jan.Canasta
Thu1:30 PM3,10,17,24,31.Jan.Chess
Thu1:30 PM3,10,17,24,31.Jan.Jigsaws
Thu1:45 PM10,17,24,31.Jan.Soc Seq Dancing
Thu2:00 PM10,24.Jan.Fabric Craft
Thu2:00 PM3,10,17,24,31.Jan.Table Tennis
Thu7:30 PM10,17,24,31.Jan.Ballroom Dancing
Fri9:45 AM4,11,18,25.Jan.Bowling
Fri10:00 AM4,11,18,25.Jan.Italian - Improvers +
Fri10:00 AM11,18,25.Jan.Spanish Intermediates
Fri10:00 AM4,11,18,25.Jan.Table Tennis
Fri11:15 AM4,11,18,25.Jan.Italian - Improvers +
Fri12:15 PM4,11,18,25.Jan.Line Dancing
Fri1:30 PM4,11,18,25.Jan.Bridge Cut in
Fri1:30 PM4,11,18,25.Jan.Colouring
Fri1:30 PM4,11,18,25.Jan.Jigsaws
Fri1:30 PM4,11,18,25.Jan.Mah-Jong
Fri2:00 PM4,11,18,25.Jan.Italian - Beginners
Fri6:30 PM4,11,18,25.Jan.Bowling
Sat10:00 AM5,12,19,26.Jan.Jigsaws
Sat1:30 PM19.Jan.Bridge Chicago
Sat7:30 PM12.Jan.Saturday Dancing

These events are regularly scheduled to take place in the Community Centre, but the information is NOT taken from the live booking system.

Please contact the reception desk on 01425 610495 or the section directly, to get the latest information.

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